Care and Maintenance

With proper maintenance care, your pieces will remain impeccable.

  • Your silver pieces can always be used , whether to take a shower or go to the pool, the beach, the gym etc. You never need to take them off.
  • Store silver pieces separately from other pieces made of other metals that tend to darken, as storing them together will cause your piece to oxidize.
  • Store your pieces in the packaging we provide, as they are specially made to keep your piece impeccable and prevent oxidation.
  • Avoid using your Silver With Gold Plated piece when exercising, in the bath or subjecting it to detergents, personal hygiene products and products with alcohol (creams, perfumes, etc.), letting them dry before putting it on. your piece.
  • By oxidizing your piece it never loses value, nor does it change its composition. The oxidation is only superficial and with proper cleaning it will be as good as new.
  • Remember that in certain cases the skin's pH can lead to oxidation of your piece.

If you have any questions before carrying out any type of maintenance, you can contact us via email