A little bit of us!

Bangaram is a Portuguese brand of accessories in 925 SILVER

Timeless design pieces, full of meaning and with a vintage touch are the essence of the brand. All collections are designed and developed to adapt to all styles, moods and occasions, never forgetting current trends.

And why did we choose Silver?

Because in addition to being a highly durable precious metal, Silver is 100% recyclable. It can be melted and worked on over and over again, creating new pieces without losing quality.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

With an eye on the future... Our packings are developed in an ecological way and have FSC certification, which guarantees that all materials come from sustainable forests and that all producers involved work under fair conditions.

You can find out more about FSC certification here:


Stay with us and be part of this story that from now on we will write together!

A big kiss

Rachel and Alice